Zoning & Development Trends with Patrick Fox on the Commercial Real Estate Show

Patrick Fox, CEO of Consensus Strategies, to the show to discuss zoning and development trends for 2022, including strategies for building consensus in communities, how virtual meetings affect developments, and some humorous anecdotes from previous zoning projects. Click on the Link to watch! https://commercialrealestateshow.com/video/zoning-development-trends-with-patrick-fox/

Our Latest Survey Results for CUNY SPH

Results are in from our latest survey for CUNY School of Public Health. Our COVID-19 research spans 27 countries so far and our data is being used to focus and strengthen public policy around the world. https://sph.cuny.edu/research/covid-19-survey-january-2022/

Top 10 Reasons Why Traditional Polling is Dead

Well, there’s a very simple explanation but it’s not one that the “survey research experts” want you to know. These days, repeating the same old methods leads to repeated failures.