Covid-19: New Challenges and Opportunities

The Covid-19 crisis is likely to be the greatest disaster of our lifetime with implications that will extend for years to come. The changes to society, business, politics and public perceptions will be extensive with both new challenges and opportunities for developers and all companies operating in the public sphere.

CEO, Patrick Fox, on the Commercial Real Estate Show

U.S. zoning expert Patrick Fox joins show host/broker Michael Bull to discuss how COVID has changed the rezoning and entitlement process. Discussions include new strategies and opportunities for developers and municipalities. And ‘wait for it’ some humor from zoning meetings.

Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight

Don’t be naive about who your opponents are and what they really want. Seemingly irrational opponents may have a very rational motivation to shut you down. Identifying covert competitor generated opposition is essential if you want to successfully overcome it and get your project or initiative approved. Dealing with abutters, neighbors and impacted stakeholders with […]