Top 10 Virtual Public Hearing Mistakes

It’s the “new normal” and it comes with both opportunities and challenges. Virtual public meetings are substantially different in tone and process sometimes making experienced and professional teams look like The Three Stooges. This is not “same as it ever was.” This is different and it requires some real thought and attention to get it […]

Opportunities and Threats of Virtual Public Hearings

This societal crisis, unlike any we have seen in our lifetimes, has presented a myriad of challenges.     Arguably one of the hardest challenges to grapple with has been social distancing and orders prohibiting large gatherings.   But we’re adapting.  Online classes…  Livestreamed concerts…  Virtual bachelor/bachelorette parties…   Public Hearings…?   A public hearing by definition is “a formal meeting for receiving testimony from the public at large on a local issue, or proposed government action.” The current situation […]

Ten Things You Should Know About Project Applicants

1. They have got to win this approval. The business men and women who appear before your commissions and boards seeking approvals are under tremendous pressure to succeed. They need to win approval. Careers are made and fortunes lost on these endeavors. The stakes are high for their companies and for them personally. 2. Responsible […]