Zoning & Development Trends with Patrick Fox on the Commercial Real Estate Show

Patrick Fox, CEO of Consensus Strategies, to the show to discuss zoning and development trends for 2022, including strategies for building consensus in communities, how virtual meetings affect developments, and some humorous anecdotes from previous zoning projects. Click on the Link to watch! https://commercialrealestateshow.com/video/zoning-development-trends-with-patrick-fox/

Today’s CRE experts don’t fly blind.

Survey research programs are providing a cutting-edge advantage. Real estate development projects each come with their own set of unique strengths and weaknesses.  Experienced developers and their teams have a myriad of tools to call upon when needed. Survey research has always had a role but these days, it is far more effective, efficient and […]


Commercial Real Estate Show

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show March 02, 2021- Things have certainly changed when it comes to zoning and entitlement of real estate projects. It’s perfect timing to repurpose properties while municipalities are looking for jobs and revenue. Patrick Fox joins show host Michael Bull to discuss how these changes impact the process and shares strategies […]