Today’s CRE experts don’t fly blind.

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Survey research programs are providing a cutting-edge advantage.

Real estate development projects each come with their own set of unique strengths and weaknesses.  Experienced developers and their teams have a myriad of tools to call upon when needed. Survey research has always had a role but these days, it is far more effective, efficient and powerful with a number of distinct benefits.

Gone are the days of random digit dial home phone calls where the head of household is asked by a friendly researcher to answer a few questions for “University Research.”  Today’s methods are faster, more effective and digital with text-based surveys, on-line panels, interactive methods and a mixed-mode approach that opens up new options making survey research a critical tool for development teams.

Top 5 Ways to Use Survey Research

  1. Project Feasibility: Any effective due diligence process includes a close look at the political landscape. Is it going to be possible to navigate the political landmines in this community or is your project dead on arrival? You want to know BEFORE you commit too much time and too many dollars. 
  1. Heat Mapping: Where is the likely opposition?  Especially important on large-scale linear land-use projects such as pipelines, transmission lines, rail lines, and other uses that are geographically dispersed through large cities or multiple municipalities, jurisdictions, and governing bodies. Identify the problem areas early so you can target resources where they will have the greatest impact.
  1. Message Testing:  What messages and information moves opponents to supporters?  Effective arguments will vary widely based on community factors and without data, you are flying blind.
  1. Supporter identification: The opponents are coming. You need to demonstrate support to have a chance to succeed. Know who your supporters are and how to demonstrate community support when you need it. 
  1. Framing the Debate: Survey research can quantify and highlight key issues such as the need for your project type, public support for community benefits, tax revenue and municipal budget issues and more. Don’t just make the argument- prove it. 

There is no reason to fly blind when the data you need is more accessible today than ever.

With decades of experience on projects across the U.S. and around the world, Consensus Strategies builds and executes winning strategies for industry-leading companies, developers, and institutions. Contact us for a consultation on your next project.

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