Being Right is not enough.

Great ideas and innovative initiatives fail every day. Cynicism, distrust and NIMBYism generate passionate opposition which can dominate the discourse, derailing plans without regard to merit, benefit or need. Individuals and small groups are increasingly emboldened and empowered to act, leveraging technology to organize, amplify their voices and magnify their impact. Executing a strategy to build and demonstrate support has never been more critical.

It takes experience critical analysis the right strategy skilled execution

It has never been more difficult to navigate the public and political landscape.

Whether building critical support or overcoming a competitive threat, developing and executing the right strategy at the right time is essential. 

Consensus Strategies specializes in strategic advocacy services for leading corporate and institutional clients. With decades of national and international experience in virtually every industry, our depth of experience and multidisciplinary approach are both distinctive and highly effective.

It takes experience

With decades of experience on thousands of engagements across the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and more, Consensus Strategies has an unparalleled depth of experience and expertise. There is no one answer, no single tool and no one-size-fits-all strategy. Every situation is unique and presents opportunities and threats that must be identified and leveraged to achieve critical objectives. It takes real experience, imagination, teamwork and a multidisciplinary focus to develop and execute a successful strategy… and even more to know when to walk away.

Our clients are industry leading companies and organizations from virtually every industry.

How we win.

Strategic Assessments

Comprehensive strategic assessments, political overviews and threat analysis to determine project feasibility and design campaign plans that maximize opportunities and achieve vital objectives.

Outreach Strategies

Highly targeted strategies to build key community relationships, minimize opposition and provide demonstrable and targeted support at key points to make a real impact.

Grassroots & Coalition Building

Identifying natural bases of support, leveraging relationships, educating likely supporters and creating mutual gains to bring together powerful coalitions that can move key votes, motivate the wavering and build the momentum needed to get over the finish line.

Digital & Social Media Programs

Specializing in the development and implementation of highly effective digital tools specifically designed for our strategic advocacy programs. Our highly effective tools identify supporters and opponents, build powerful coalitions, leverage existing networks, develop powerful databases and provide extraordinary targeting, monitoring and rapid response capabilities.


Multi-modal survey techniques, focus groups and state-of-the-art research tools for strategic assessments and development, targeting, message testing, benchmarking, media and more.

Competitive Threats

Identifying and effectively dealing with competitor generated opposition and market threats.

Program Development

Working with development teams and corporate leadership to build teams, replicable processes and best practices, develop benchmarking and project assessment capacity, create due diligence processes, design multi-project tools, and provide specialized training.

Executive & Team Training

Conducting customized seminars for real estate development and community relations teams focused on building community support, new techniques and technology, dealing with neighborhood and “NIMBY” opposition, overcoming competitor generated opposition, public hearing strategies and much more.

Surveys & Polling

Our full service polling program contact both landlines and cellphones creating a representative sample from whom we can ask questions to better understand your constituents and to run a strategic campaign.

Phone Programs

One-Stop Shop for all of your Phone Outreach Needs! Live Q&A, Pre-Screen Questions, Real-Time Polling, Detailed Reporting, Digital Event Recording, Live Event Operator, Audio On-Demand, Staff Chat.


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