Top 10 Virtual Public Hearing Mistakes

It’s the “new normal” and it comes with both opportunities and challenges. Virtual public meetings are substantially different in tone and process sometimes making experienced and professional teams look like The Three Stooges. This is not “same as it ever was.” This is different and it requires some real thought and attention to get it […]

SVP Releases New Book

When Consensus Strategies’ SVP Owen Eagan isn’t managing your projects, he is an Executive-in-Residence at Emerson College, the nation’s only four-year institution dedicated exclusively to the study of communication and the performing arts. Recently his latest book, Oscar Buzz and the Influence of Word of Mouth on Movie Success, was released. Below, we are proud to give […]

Covid-19: New Challenges and Opportunities

The Covid-19 crisis is likely to be the greatest disaster of our lifetime with implications that will extend for years to come. The changes to society, business, politics and public perceptions will be extensive with both new challenges and opportunities for developers and all companies operating in the public sphere.