The Proof is in the Data

Land use and development is political and quantifiable. With over 15 years of survey data we know that a politician’s stance on development and growth are a leading factor in how 79%  of people vote in local elections. People are more likely to actively oppose a shopping mall than single family homes by nearly 30%. Do you […]

Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight

Don’t be naive about who your opponents are and what they really want. Seemingly irrational opponents may have a very rational motivation to shut you down. Identifying covert competitor generated opposition is essential if you want to successfully overcome it and get your project or initiative approved. Dealing with abutters, neighbors and impacted stakeholders with […]

Ten Things You Should Know About Project Applicants

1. They have got to win this approval. The business men and women who appear before your commissions and boards seeking approvals are under tremendous pressure to succeed. They need to win approval. Careers are made and fortunes lost on these endeavors. The stakes are high for their companies and for them personally. 2. Responsible […]