Ten Things You Should Know About How the Public Feels About Development

1. Stop all development anywhere near me. 79% of Americans want no new development projects in their communities. Now that does not mean they are against development. They are not. They just do not want it anywhere near them. They want new jobs, local tax dollars and new shopping opportunities, but it should be over […]

The Self-Storage Conundrum

  When your projects benefits become its negatives. Self-storage is experiencing explosive growth. Annual industry revenue in the US is now $38 billion and it remains one of the fastest growing sectors in commercial real estate with over 7% annual growth since 2012.[1] Changing lifestyles, trends towards smaller housing units, downsizing and other factors continue […]

Hiding Is Not a Strategy

Hiding is not a strategy. The opponents are coming whether they are anxious abutters, political opportunists, competitor funded rabble-rousers or local activists. Keeping quiet doesn’t cut it anymore. ¬†Then why are so many developers still keeping a low profile and walking into public hearings blind and unprepared?Some think they can win approvals simply because “It’s […]