Hiding Is Not a Strategy

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Hiding is not a strategy. The opponents are coming whether they are anxious abutters, political opportunists, competitor funded rabble-rousers or local activists. Keeping quiet doesn’t cut it anymore. ┬áThen why are so many developers still keeping a low profile and walking into public hearings blind and unprepared?

Some think they can win approvals simply because “It’s a good project.”

Good projects die everyday.

The world changed. Having a great reputation and trying to do the right and responsible thing is not enough anymore. Every resident today believes they can fight back and win. Every activist and organizer has access to highly efficient and effective grassroots organizing tools and everyone from industry leading corporations to local businesses are aggressively capitalizing on this new political landscape to thwart competition. 

The battle to increase and protect market share is more intense than ever before and new strategies, tools and techniques are emerging daily. Developing and executing an effective strategy has never been more important.

This site is focused on strategy. From tips and tricks to new techniques, content here is practical, immediately deployable and real-world tested on over 2000 projects in 48 US states and five countries. 

No two projects are the same. Every one requires a political due diligence process and a unique strategy that leverages strengths and opportunities and addresses weaknesses and threats.   Some projects are unwinnable and massive amounts of time and resources are lost needlessly trying to achieve an unachievable objective. The right research, planning and strategy will help developers avoid most of these situations and help them get support for the most challenging projects in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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