The Proof is in the Data

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Land use and development is political and quantifiable. With over 15 years of survey data we know that a politician’s stance on development and growth are a leading factor in how 79%  of people vote in local elections. People are more likely to actively oppose a shopping mall than single family homes by nearly 30%. Do you want to put in a landfill? Good luck! 82% of people oppose new landfills. 

The data also demonstrates that peoples’ minds can change (I’m as shocked as you are).  Through the multiple surveys we’ve seen that people are more accepting of a new Grocery Store or Home Improvement store than they were four years prior. On the flip side, you should’ve built your quarry in 2011 before 18% of people decided they no longer are ok with quarries. 

These surveys have helped us for years demonstrate that NIMBYS may just be the loudest people in the room but not the majority. Check out the PDF below for more info.


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