Clandestine Market Defense

By Patrick Fox EMAIL It’s secretly acting to protect your market share and profits from an encroaching competitor by generating and organizing community opposition. It is extremely effective and widely done. Even if you are not doing it, there is little doubt it is being done to you. It is extraordinarily difficult to get any […]

Empowering Fools

              Dealing with the Idiotic, Irrational and Incomprehensible By Patrick Fox EMAIL Anyone advocating for a controversial initiative today must learn to deal with the fear of change, cynicism and NIMBYism that now permeates the public discourse. True professionals understand and expect vocal and engaged opposition and have techniques […]

Truthiness and CRE Rules of Engagement

By Patrick Fox   EMAIL   Credibility is crucial for commercial developers but not so much for their opponents.  The greatest advantage held by opponents today is that they can throw any allegation, facts or figures without regard for the truth- and the burden falls upon the developer to disprove it!   The traffic study says […]