Truthiness and CRE Rules of Engagement

  Credibility is crucial for commercial developers but not so much for their opponents.  The greatest advantage held by opponents today is that they can throw any allegation, facts or figures without regard for the truth- and the burden falls upon the developer to disprove it!   The traffic study says the project will generate […]

Managing Land Use Campaigns

Tips for Managing the Unmanageable Every commercial real estate development team is made up of experts from a variety of disciplines. Managing them and the roller coaster-like permitting process is not for the faint of heart.With some team members, their role is clear and you can easily manage them and chart their progress. For example, […]

Political Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate

Any company making decisions about a commercial real estate deal does a lot of due diligence. They study demographics, market share, infrastructure, and deal financials among other things. What too many still fail to do is a political due diligence. All land use decisions are political and the question needs to be asked – Is […]